Monday, February 22, 2010

I love Stake Conference Sundays!

Yesterday was Stake conference. I love these few Sundays a year where I get to sit by my husband and he doesn't have as many responsibilities, which means he gets a much deserved relaxing Sunday.

He actually came home from his duties right when the potatoes hit the table. (A rarity, believe me.) We talked about the meeting as we passed the rolls. This is where I try to find out if the girls heard anything, and also to help jog my memory of the talks and messages that were given, so when it is my turn to share what I got out of the meeting, I will have something to say.

When it was Mckenna's turn she said, "I learned that you shouldn't play games during Stake conference." I turned and gave her dad the look that said, "You are in trouble mister."

We found out later that Courtney had been paying attention, at least to President Wamsley's talk. He spoke about a post-it note from his little grand daughter that had been on his mirror for two and a half years. It said something like "You are handsome." Courtney decided to post her feelings for her dad.

Awww! Isn't she sweet!