Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Our latest project

Several months ago, my niece posted on her blog a bench she had made from plans she found on a do it yourself woodworking blog. I was curious, and after a lot of snooping around, found some plans that were just what I had been wanting in our laundry room/mudroom.

I had in our house plans, a place for built in cubbies for the kids stuff. (I would have posted a before picture, but was too embarrassed by the piles of shoes, papers, and other junk that was lying all over the floor.) The plans I found, were really close to what I had pictured in my head. Her plans were for only two lockers, but I found it was very easy to adapt it to three. Her bench was designed to have a shelf, but I wanted a place for each kid to have a basket for their shoes. Again, it was simple to change to what worked for me. I am definitely someone who likes to follow a recipe I was so glad to have someone post a plan that was easy to follow.

I know I am making it seem like I made this myself, but I couldn't have done it without my hubbies skills, and patience. He was willing to try to help me build something that was very out of our comfort zone.
It didn't take to long to build this, it sat in our garage for weeks waiting for me to fill in the nail holes, sand and paint. We got it done just in time to be put in full use for the school year.
Thank you Ana! It might take me some time, but I will be working on my sweetie to build something else for our home.