Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Why I broke the Sabbath....

Sunday, after dinner my very busy husband asked if I wanted to go with him to do a quick visit. I jumped at the chance to be with him. I kinda like him, so I grab any opportunity I can to be in the same vicinity as him. We drove around looking for a street that was nowhere to be found. After chatting and driving for awhile, he decided to try another time and we started for home.

I was gabbing away when he stopped and asked me if I saw the tennis ball in the street. I said no and he started backing up, telling me it had moved and looked up at him. I unrolled my window and heard loud kitten mews. I opened my door and saw an impossibly small kitten crouched on the road. I scooped her up and looked around for anymore. When I didn't see or hear anymore, I climbed in the car and tried to think of what to do. I didn't have anything, and by the way she was yelling and searching, I knew she was hungry. I told Tom to head over to the Pet emergency place by rd 100 to see if they could help us. They gave us a bottle, told us she was about three weeks old, a few instructions and sent us on our way. I had to run into Walmart to buy some kitten formula. I don't shop on Sunday, so I felt strange buying the formula, but she wasn't getting much from my fingers.

We didn't tell the girls until I walked in the house with her in my arms. Kenna and Maddy fell instantly and totally in love with her. Courtney is a bit of a hard sell. She claims she is a dog person, but I've caught her softening up a bit.

It has been almost ten years, but I am back to two to three hour feedings. She seems to be getting stronger and thanks to our dog Roxie, she is well groomed. Roxie has taken to cleaning her like a momma cat would do. I am most grateful.

Tom keeps telling the girls that she gets to stay for two weeks and then she has to find another home. He's so funny!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

What Mother's Day looks like in our home this year...

I spent most of the day eagerly waiting to talk to Elder Moon, serving in the Orlando Florida mission. I was not disappointed when, at 3:47 pm our phone rang. I will need to apologize to the Relief Society president and another member of our ward that called and got my obviously annoyed response before 3:47 pm.

He sounded so good! For the next hour plus we grilled him on every aspect of his life. He is working hard, eating good, falling to bed exhausted every night, getting hot in the Florida steamy weather, serving and all around loving his life right now. I am now refreshed better than any spa day could do for me. I know my son is happy and healthy. I know he is learning and growing and his testimony of the gospel is expanding daily. For me, as his mom, that's all I need or want.