Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Our Summer

School starts in just a few days. I am going to miss the unscheduled laid back days. The days of sleeping in are almost over, it is time to get back into a routine for the school year.

I remember when I had to write a paper about what I did during the summer when school started. So here is a report of our summer of 2009.

:: We watched this silly girl walk the 4th of July parade with the summer band and color guard as an assistant.::

::Kenna (aka MNM) celebrated her ninth birthday complete with a yellow M&M ice cream cake::

::We played hide and seek in the dark. It is very painful when you sit on a patch of tack weed.::

::We got wet!::

::Our old college roommates came from Logan for a visit with their five kids. We had a blast! ::

::My wonderful hubby had a birthday. Courtney made a delicious lemonade pie for the occasion.::

::We shed tears!::

::I nearly gave a sweet man in our ward a heart attack when I heard a noise outside my bedroom window one Saturday morning. I thought it was Tom, and jumped out of bed to wish him good morning in my "special underwear". I was quite shocked to see that it wasn't my husband. Gratefully, I don't think he saw me. I jumped in the shower after I told Tom that someone was in our yard. As I showered, I heard the rumbling of a large piece of machinery outside. Tom came, with tears in his eyes, to tell me that their were over 100 people outside. They were pulling weeds, moving rock and leveling donated top soil. We were deeply touched. Thank you doesn't seem to cut it.::

::Last week, we literally threw our son out on the curb at the MTC. We took a couple of pictures near the temple before he was to report. I wasn't warned about how hard it would be to say good-bye for two years. I felt like my heart had been ripped out of my chest and thrown on the MTC sidewalk. The hole was there as we drove away. We will miss him.::

::We LOVE you Elder Moon!::