Friday, December 24, 2010

The Book Of Moon 2010


The Moon family continues to endure and prosper.

NOW in the 22nd year of the Moon family, they did labor not in their basement or their wilderness. Yea, their weeds grew and did multiply abundantly across the land.

2 And it came to pass that Cameron did continue in his labors. Yea, his heart did swell in his love for the people of Florida. And he did wrestle with the gator, and he did eat its flesh and beheld that it tasted like unto chicken.

3 And it came to pass Courtney danced across the field, carrying her flag. Yea, she rejoiced in traveling across the wilderness. And Maddy, also marched across the field, carrying her large horn. Yea she did murmur at her afflictions and did rejoice mightily when the football team was defeated.

4 And it came to pass that Courtney became infected with senioritis. Yea, her hand did cramp from her writings to places of learning. And also, her schedule was full. Yea, she did not fall into idolatry. And she did find joy in the suffering of her father, for she did enjoy mocking him all the days.

5 Now, Maddy being fourteen became a freshman in high school, notwithstanding her small stature. Yea, she did partake of bacon and ice cream, and her mother was filled with much envy toward her.

6 And it came to pass; Mckenna began to be a fifth grader. Yea, her friends were numerous throughout the land. And also, she continued in the traditions of her family, and is learning the clarinet.

7 And it came to pass that Tom did continue in his service as Bishop. Yea, he did attend meetings, which begat visits, which begat service, which begat increased love, which begat meetings…

8 And it came to pass that Terri’s burdens became lighter. Yea, she did run and not faint, for she did run 3.2 miles and perished not.

9 Behold, the Moon family has old chariots. Yea, all their chariots have many, many miles on them. And yet, verily, verily, the Moon family prospered in the land, and received all manner of blessings. Yea, they did find joy in one another, and in their loved ones.

10 And again, the Moons’ make an end of writing concerning these things for a time.