Thursday, February 21, 2008

Things that make you go "Hmmm"

Yesterday, I decided to finally paint the upstairs bathroom I had been putting off for awhile. When the family came home starving, with me up to my hair in paint, Hubby took one look at me and at the clock and said, "I'll take you out." Thank you, dear, sweet, understanding, lucky;) husband.

The conversation on the way home was the reason for this post. After getting the feast from Taco Bell, we took the shortcut home through the movie theatre parking lot.

"That movie is supposed to be really scary." Court said when she saw the poster for THE EYE.

"The sequel: The Nose" Cameron said, very amused with himself.

So the rest of the quick trip home consisted of different sequels. "The Ear", "The Neck, The Left Cheekbone". I knew we didn't have much time before everyone had to leave for their activities. We blessed the food. (the appropriate blessing for this meal would be, "please bless that my arteries won't clog, and the cheese and sour cream will not stick to my --insert body part here---.

"Mckenna, do you want a hard taco?" I asked hurriedly trying to get everyone fed.

"The bellybutton" someone said. I couldn't keep track, the body parts were flying too fast.

Cameron made quick work of inhaling several tacos, and in the process came up with what he thought would make the best sequel.

"The Unibrow!" He said with his best announcer voice.

"Ha! You would be perfect for the poster!" Court said not missing a beat.

Just then the doorbell rang. They were off. I went out and gazed at the eclipse and wondered if the shadow on the moon might possibly have some effect on the Moons' here on the Earth.


Jessica said...

That was funny, I'm sure that Courtney is pretty proud of herself for that one!

terramisu said...

I would love to be a flie on the wall in some of your familie's conversations. I love your sense of humor!

Jan said...

At least you all know your body parts.