Thursday, December 25, 2008


    CHAPTER 20

By popular demand, an accounting of the 20th year of the Moon family.

AND It came to pass, that Tom and Terri did begin to wax old. Yea, many lines and white hairs did appear upon them, for they sought to have an understanding of their children. Yet they learned not.

2 And the parents, said unto their children. "You will go and do the things which we have commanded, for we know that we give no commandments unto you, our children, save you shall accomplish the commandments that your days may be long in the land."

3 And it came to pass, that the Moons' did leave the house that was built on the sand. They did take with them their possessions and the dumb dog and began to build a house upon the rocks.

4 Now, behold, Cameron, being the firstborn, did do most of what was required of him and accomplished the task of High School and became an Eagle Scout. He did travel east that he might increase in wisdom, for he had none. Yea, he did live upon the land at the University of Idaho. He did not partake of the Wii or the Xbox and his afflictions were sore.

5 Now Courtney did not hide her talents under a bush. For she did learn to walk and chew gum; notwithstanding the color of her hair. Yea, she did twirl her flag and dance upon the fields and was merry. And her father did fear and tremble, for she did desire to drive his chariot. And the people did cry throughout the land, "Wo be unto us!"

6 And it came to pass, that Maddy did continue in her love for the animals of the Earth and bacon. In her twelfth year she did grow in spirit but remained small in stature. Notwithstanding she did serve valiantly in the McLoughlin Middle School Volleyball court. And she did multiply her talents in music. She was given the talent of French Horn and Piano, and increased her talents by learning how to play the iPod.

7 Mckenna, being eight years old, went into the waters of baptism and was baptized. Her brightness did exceed the brightness of the sun at noonday. She did increase in knowledge and "cuteness" which she used to her advantage, knowing beforehand how to influence her father.

8 And Behold, we lift up our heads and be of good cheer; for behold, we have been blessed. Our faith in Jesus Christ increases and we rejoice in it.

9 And, again, we, the Moon family, make an end of writing concerning these things for a time.


This was our Christmas card this year. We have had a wonderful day and hope all is well with you.


Merry Christmas and Love,


Tom, Terri, Cameron, Courtney, Maddy and Mckenna




LKP said...

Oh my goodness this was the best "Christmas Card" idea I've EVER READ!!!!!!!!! (Trust me, I've seen many!) I'm still laughing to my self. So clever. Gorgeous new portraits, who did you have do them? I hope that you've enjoyed all your time with your loved ones this week. See you tomorrow! =)

tharker said...

I love it! You Moons are so clever!!

The Evanites Tribe said...

that is great! i love how start and fresh that is...what a great way to do a christmas letter! happy new year!

LaDeaux family said...

That was such a fun "scripture". I was laughing the whole way through.

Sonja said...

I remember seeing your Christmas card at my parents house a couple of years ago and thinking of how clever it was! Love this edition!