Sunday, March 1, 2009

This past week---a photo essay

Tom spent this week in a great deal of pain. He did get some enjoyment out of playing with this big boy toy.

Howard the incredible, came over to help Tom get started with measuring and cutting. Howard is Tom's brother-in-law. He is very smart, and a hard worker! We are so grateful for his help.

This is the place Tom should have been most of the week. He finally went to the doctor on Tuesday because of severe shoulder pain. The doctor diagnosed him with this.

He was prescribed meds for pain and inflammation, but his main recommendation was REST!!!

Yes, that's right, the water is back! The septic pipe was not sealed properly. The builder sent someone to fix it. I so hope this is the last time I see water on the floor of the basement.

The "hero", Cameron. He willingly did anything and everything that we asked of him. He ran me home one night at eleven completely exhausted. As he was leaving to go back and help his dad, I told him he was my hero. They worked until two-thirty in the morning. Throughout the week, he cut tile, cut and glued pipe, measured, and grouted. He was always so pleasant and a bit silly. Even though, I was turning into a grouch, working with him was a pleasure.

The cabinets were delivered and partially installed.

Our "Cinderella". She made a mouse helper out of masking tape and wanted to wear an old raggedy dress. We got a good laugh when her dad asked her for something, she grabbed a roll of paper towels, shoved them up her back, and hobbled to him. With her best Igor voice, she said, "Yes, Master".

Setting the last few tiles in the master bath. This week has been hard. One I hope not to repeat. My kids have shown me they can handle tough situations with a great attitude. They are a wonderful example to me.


The Warnicks said...

The house is coming along yeah! I bet you are so excited! You have good kids that seem to help out alot! oh yea and I miss you guys all in primary so much!

Nicki said...

What great kids. Courtney has been so worried about her dad. I hope he's feeling better. The floor looks like it will be nice. Really, call my husband. He'd love to come help in the evenings. He's such a couch potato. He'd love a project.

Dandee said...

Everything is looking great! And what a blessing to have older children to help!

Deborama said...

What a fun family project, well "fun" when its done and looking back Im sure! :) Scott said whenever he calls to see when or how to help Bishop tells him he's not doing anything and not to come. I will tell him to call you instead! :)

Jodi said...

Looks great!! And I totally feel Bishop's pain - and it's so hard to relax. You know what's "funny"? We finished our floor and it came down to 2 boards extra - 3 counting the one you have. SO CLOSE!! :)

Amy J. said...

Why do our bodies give out when we most need them. Your kids are so amazing. I'm not sure which impression I like most...Cinderella with her taped up mouse or Igor. I think maybe I will need a reinactment posted on this site to make my final decission.