Wednesday, April 1, 2009


We are HOME! Of course, right now, it doesn't feel very homey. The boxes and stuff waiting to find a permanent home are getting in the way of sitting by the fire and enjoying my new surroundings. Little by little, we are slowly unpacking. The kitchen is functioning, except for the gas range that has yet to be installed. Our builder has confidence that Tom could convert it to propane. The instructions are unclear, so we are waiting for more parts, or a professional. Either way, it looks like about a week before I will have a cook top. Luckily, I have an electric frying pan that has been getting plenty of use the last few days.

Tom called me this morning to tell me Cam's car died, he had taken it to work so I could use his truck. He said it was making a horrible knocking sound and then quit, he had to walk a block-and a half back to work. He asked me to come get him to tow the car with the Suburban. I wasn't that surprised. We belong to the "how many miles can we squeeze out of our cars" club. I drove out to work, picked him up and went in the direction he told me to go.
After more than a couple of blocks, I said, "Wow, you walked really far!"
He grinned, and said, "I thought this was a great way to get you to go out to lunch with me."
He was very pleased with himself for pulling off a great prank. He gloated all the way to Wendy's and back. I fell for it because it is so unlike him to do anything like this.
Next year year;)


terramisu said...

Yeah! We are so excited for you guys!!!

I had the best April fools prank for you. I was gonna put a for sale sign in your front lawn- but couldn't find a sign fast enough! I am still laughing at the idea though!

LaDeaux family said...

Congratulations! I hope you have a lot of fun in your new house!

debsters said...

Welcome home, we're thrilled you're now in our neck of the woods.

Amy J. said...

Now THAT is a tastfull, loving, fun April fools prank. Most are just mean or make people jump in fear. That one was just plain sweet!

Sonja said...

YAY!!! I know how good this feels.