Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cam's heart

I know I said I would post about birthdays. Cameron turned nineteen in March and Maddy turned thirteen three weeks later. Whew! There! I did it!

Now onto what I really wanted to post.

Cameron has slowly been getting all the things he needs to get done before he submits his mission papers. He had his wisdom teeth out, his general doctor appointment, dentist appointment, blood drawn and Four expensive shots.

At his doctor's appointment, the doctor asked about his heart murmur. I again recounted how he had had a coarctation (narrowing) of the aorta, and had it repaired at 4 days old. See here for more details. He also has a couple of valves that aren't "normal" that cause a murmur. I like to tease Cameron that we should name his heart Laman. He He. I am so FUNNY! He wouldn't completely sign him off as ready for a mission until we got the o.k. from Cam's cardiologist on the level of activity he can do.

He had his appointment with the pediatric cardiologist on Monday. Interesting note-- because Cam has a congenital heart defect, he will always go to a pediatric cardiologist. Even when he is eighty-three, he will be sitting on the little table with the space theme room and the latest Disney movie on the t.v. screen to pass the time.

Cam has been going to these appointments every year or two his entire life. I am pretty familiar with the process, and nothing has changed much over the years. Cam has two valves that are not normal. His aortic valve is bicuspid, it is supposed to be tricuspid, and his mitral valve doesn't open and close like it is designed to do. I like his doctor he is very thorough and has a great memory. He can remember subtle changes from previous years. There was nothing new or different at this appointment, other than he gave his approval for him having no restrictions as a missionary. He also told me that his heart is different than normal, but it works well.

After he signed the papers, and gave him the o.k. to walk eight hours a day, I looked over the forms again. I was desperately trying to find the box where he could check that said Cam's heart was strong enough to handle the door slams and rejections he was sure to get. Sniff sniff.


Amy J. said...

Oh Terri...you are so sweet and funny. I love picturing Cam sitting in the Space themed room in his 80's!

This is all too real isn't it...our kids are growing up. We will pray for the Heart's of the Moon family; Cam's that it can take rejection and long bike rides, and yours that it won't break from sending him. :) Love ya, Amy

Nicki said...

The door slamming and rejections will make his heart stronger because the force (spirit) will be with him. He's a great young man and will be a wonderful missionary. The people will love him like we all do.

debsters said...

What an exciting time for Cameron and all of you. He will be an outstanding missionary, rejections and all. Can't wait for the call and hearing about all the awesome things he accomplishes on his mission.

Ryan and Melissa said...

I am glad to hear that Cam's heart is okay! That is always a plus! And... that is exciting that he can finally put those papers in even though I can't believe that he is old enough to go a mission!!!! I am finally back to blogging... I accidently deleted my blog haha... So I had to make a new one... I hope you guys are doing great!!! Are you Loving the new house?

Jodi said...

How exciting! He's going to be a great missionary. And your family will be blessed for it.

Anonymous said...

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