Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Houston, we have a sixteen year old.....

Last Friday, Courtney had a party to celebrate the fact that she was soon to be sixteen. (Much to her father's dismay. Not about the party, the fact that she is sixteen and there isn't a thing he can do to stop it!)

I am so blessed to have such a wonderful young lady in my life. She is a great example to me. I saw her reach out to someone who doesn't have many friends and has had a difficult time in school. I am very pleased with the kind of person she is becoming.

Because her birthday was actually on Sunday, we served cake and ice cream "sundaes".
Saturday was our stakes youth conference at a church camp an hour and a half away from here. One of the young men leaders snagged this picture and emailed it to me. Tom definitely doesn't want anyone "cutting in" any time soon. Unfortunately for him, she already has two dates this week.

If anyone in the ward needs to get a hold of the Bishop, you'll find him target shooting out back.


Deborama said...

Your hilarious! That picture is so cute, she is so gorgeous, good luck with that!

LKP said...

hehehehe! i laugh now, but before ya know it, we'll have a VERY similar post like this of our own. only, ours might say something like "well we spent the last 7 hours trying to bail Seth out of jail..." LOL! you've got a great gal, and she's got a great set of parents. what an honor it is to know your family!

Sonja said...

I remember my dad threatening to have his shotgun out for a little cleaning the night my prom date showed up. I had a sense of humor and called his bluff, he didn't get it out. But I remember him mentioning that he was an avid hunter, lol.