Friday, September 4, 2009

First days of School

The obligatory first day of school pictures.
School started this week, and it has been very quiet around here. It is time to start working on all the finish projects I have been putting off all summer. I have doors to paint, trim to caulk, nail holes to fill, a basement to Sheetrock, underground sprinklers to put in, seed to plant, landscaping to do....(O.K. when I say I, I mean mostly not me;)) But I will do the painting and am a bit excited to see the smudged doors with a fresh coat of shiny white paint.
While I am working, I am sure my mind will think often on my kids. They are growing and changing so fast. I feel like I just barely took Kenna to Kindergarten last year, and here she is starting 4th grade! She has a great teacher and makes friends easily. (Perhaps she is too friendly, she admitted to me that she got in trouble for talking.)
Maddy is in eight grade and in full volleyball mode. She loves to play, and she loves her new long socks she wears to practice. I am looking forward to her games. I wonder what they will be like compared to last year. (Maybe this year, my prayers will help get her serves over the net.)
Chiawana High School. For months and months, I have heard from my oldest daughter what an awful place this was going to be. Courtney has a tight group of friends. They are a good group of good girls. All of them will be attending Pasco High, because of the ridiculous boundaries the district has decided on. As a junior in High School she started this new school with no close friends. She has come to accept it. She always has a smile when I pick her up. She is trying to make new friends. Seminary has been her sanctuary. There are times when I wish I had a magic wand to make things perfect. The problem is, my idea of perfect and her idea of perfect may not be what is best for her.
So tonight, this flag-twirling, half-time performing, purple bleeding girl; will be sitting in the stadium at Edgar Brown, cheering on her best friends at their first football game of the season.


Amy J. said...

That would be so hard! I bet there were a lot of friendships that were sliced and diced when the new school was built.

Your girls are so cute. They always have such pretty, natural smiles.

Deborama said...

That was sad, I have heard complaints from both schools, I guess we need to just go back to being over crowded so they can all be together! :) Austin is LOVING high school, he says he loves all his classes and teachers. so that makes me feel better!

Nicki said...

I sure hope Courtney is going to love it. I've been worried about her.

tharker said...

Such beautiful girls!

I feel for Courtney. That would be so hard! I hope that she has a great year full of lots of new friends and of course lots of good times with her old friends.