Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Weekend

What a busy, busy Easter weekend! A taste of what went on in our household. Courtney was babysitting and Cameron was at a Priest/Laurel conference, so that left the two youngest and Mom to color eggs. Lucky for Mom, after she rushed to meet hubby at the temple, she noticed some of her fingers were a lovely shade of green. It didn't go to well with the all white color scheme. Oh, well.
For several years, we have had a tradition of doing Easter Story cookies. We love the message it teaches, and the kids look forward to helping. Cameron and his friends showed up at the end, just in time to put their piece of tape on the oven.

They turned out great, and with teenagers, they are already gone!
I don't like the Easter Bunny. He takes away from what I think the holiday is about. It's a good thing my kids have their Dad. He was a good sport and after a long and exhausting day at church, he still made the two little ones Easter fun by hiding Easter eggs around the house. The weather was a bit iffy, so they decided to stay inside.
We had a yummy dinner with ham, funeral potatoes, jello salad, green salad and candy for dessert. Most importantly was being reminded of what today is about. The incomprehensible sacrifice of my Older Brother. I hope one day I can better understand His love for me.


Jan said...

I can not have Mattie read this post. She will be devasted that you do not like the Easter bunny.
Glad that you had a nice Easter and those cookies are something we need to start doing. And funeral potatoes are always nice for the living. Take Care. Jan

Jessica said...

Those cookies do look fun, you will have to post the receipe!

Mick, Jodi & Boys said...

I heard all about your Easter cookies during class yesterday. McKenna was very excited about it all. I'm so excited to be her teacher again. She's sooooo sweet!! And what are funeral potatoes??? Am I the only one that has no clue?!?!?!

debsters said...

Sounds like a really fun weekend. I love having you in primary, though I missed your green hands.

rip said...

Jess, the recipe can be found here (thanks for posting it Terra)
Yes Jodi, you are the last person on the planet that does not know what funeral potatoes are. They are also called Sour Cream Potatoes. They are often served at funerals, hence the name. You've probably had them at a ward dinner. They are made with shredded potatoes, sour cream, cheese... they sometimes have a cornflake topping. I will get you a recipe.

Deborama said...

I still haven't done those cookies. They look so fun! We might have to have a post Easter FHE on them. good idea for tonight, thanks. :)

l.a.c. said...

i love what you write about...i always learn something new and meaningful. it was great seeing you a few weekends ago...miss you as my vt so much! happy easter; happy birthday cameron; and the photos of cameron after surgery speak volumes. you are amazing ;)

the Rew Crew said...

That Easter dinner had MORMON written all over it!! I couldn't have planned it better myself had I been named Molly and been from Utah. Funeral potatoes AND jello salad are a classic combination.

Excellent job!