Thursday, March 20, 2008

Holey Moley!

We have a section in our backyard that we never finished. It was designated as a potential spot for a future shed. I don't know what it is about this time of year, but every year about this time my kids start digging. The shovels come out and before long we have a very large hole in our back-yard. Since it has been going on for so long, our kids friends sense the need to help. At one time last year, I had a platoon of kids digging trenches in my back yard. (In all that digging, we haven't unearthed the bones or three kong dog toys we know are buried somewhere).

Yesterday, Maddy and a friend started digging. Since we are trying to get our house ready for sale, I put a stop to it before the hole was too big. I had a strange thought as I was watching these girls shovel dirt. In China, when kids are digging up their yards, do their parents ask "Are you trying to dig to America?"


terramisu said...

Who's to say they don't! Seriuosly- let me know if you need help, painting or planting or anything!

Jan said...

And then there is this question too.

What does China call their good dishes?

We are so complexing aren't we.
Keep on digging girls. China has all the goods.

debsters said...

We had a matching hole until my dad filled it in when they stayed here while Brent and I were gone. I'm really not sure what the draw is? If we said could you please help plant some flowers i don't think it would get done quite so willingly.

Sonja said...

What is it about kids and digging? Mine do that too.

Mick, Jodi & Boys said...

I'm going to be so sad when you guys move. I always look at your house when I drive by to see if there's anyone outside to wave at. :( I guess I'll just have to change my "stalking" route. ;) Let me know if you need any help. I'm sure Mick's willing too. He loves working outside and does a great job!