Monday, March 3, 2008

Why does he love me? Let me count the ways.

I absolutely adore my husband. He is giving, kind and he makes me laugh. I know he is right for me, but their are times when I can't figure out what's in it for him. This thought has been going around my brain since last Sunday and I've decided to pay attention to what I do for him. These experiences make me wonder-- why?

1. I have always been a bit challenged in the getting things in my mouth department. Obviously, I manage to do quite well with most of what I put near it, but some always manages to get away. In junior high, the running question of the day would be, "Where on Terri's body is the toothpaste today?" Anyway, back to last Sunday. With my family, I like to sit near the front of the chapel to be close enough to Tom to give kids dirty looks when they have giggle fits over replacing "hell" with "heck" in the Sacrament hymn. I needed to sit on the end because of a choir number in the program that day. As the deacon handed me the tray with water, I had moment of panic. Do I take the tray from the deacon before I take the cup? Do I take the cup then the tray? "(I think we need to have a class in enrichment meeting on proper Sacrament etiquette.)
In my haste to grab the cup and the tray from the poor deacon, I missed my mouth with most of the water, but managed to make a perfect two point shot down my cleavage. As I was frantically patting my chest, wishing my hand was more absorbent, I felt HIS eyes. I looked up to see him giving me that look I am all to familiar with. He did the eye rolly thing.

2. I love to sing. I'm not saying I'm particularly good. I think I am and think everyone else should think I am too. He walked in on one of my particularly loud and beautiful arias, and guess what he did. He did the eye rolly thing.

3. He took me to lunch this week after we signed papers for our lot. I really tried to get everything in my mouth, I guess I shouldn't have suggested Mexican. He did the eye rolly thing.

There is more, so much more, but I think I've done enough damage for one post.I think I know why he stays with me. He is training to become the Mr. Universe of the eye muscle world. His eyes have been well trained.


Jan said...

It sounds like total love to me. Congrats on the lot dear neighbor.

terramisu said...

It is a wonder why any of these good men put up with us- I think that eternal slavation has something to do with it- it is all that I can figure anyway!-
You guys are so cute! Jon thinks that we need a to have a party now that the paper signing is all done! I think that would be fun!

Mick, Jodi & Boys said...

I'm going to make sure Mick reads your blog so he knows I'm not the only one with "mouth problems." (And I only WISH I had cleavage for my water or anything else to catch whatever missed my mouth). You're so cute!!!

debsters said...

I bet they are rolling eyes of love though. I bet he is also thinking how cute you are spilling water, etc. Congrarulations on the land being all yours!!

Deborama said...

You are SO funny, we all know why he loves you, come on, pouring water down your cleavage during SACRAMENT! what man wouldn't love that! :)