Thursday, May 29, 2008

blog fog

I promise I am not dead.
Though I would really
love to climb in bed!

I can't wait for May to end.
Perhaps June will bring
a better trend.

I often think of things to blog.
Kids activities keep me
spinning on a log.

I am not too good at poetry.
It's where in high school
I received my only D.

My sincerest apologies to those that were subjected to the above post. Love ya!


miss-mattie said...

I love the poetry. I wouldn't give you a D. I would give you an A.
Bye bye.

Jan said...

I am not as generous as my daughter it would seem. I am leaning towards a B. As in Being original and Being hilariously funny. Nice effort and no apologies needed. We suffered, I mean enjoyed on our own doings.

The Warnicks said...

I loved your poem! I thought it rhymed perfectly! And it made me smile! good luck with the house!

debsters said...

Poems that rhyme fascinate me. I've never understood or appreciated the non-rhyming ones. So, I loved it. I'm going to give you an A this time around.

Amy J. said...

It is too funny that you wrote a poem...all weekend long I have been writing poetry for day camp songs. So bring it on.

Catherine said...

I, too, enjoyed your poem.
I've never been too good at it. Your poem made me laugh, especially the D part!

Sonja said...

Whatever comes from the heart is poetry enough for me,
I would never have given you a D.

--->movie trivia - guess which movie

"Stop that rhyming I mean it!"

"Anyone want a peanut?"

rip said...

Oh, Sonja! One of my most favorite movies ever! The Princess Bride!