Monday, May 5, 2008

Prom continued

Yesterday, I posted pictures from prom Saturday night. In the newspaper, it said that every high school but one was having their prom on Saturday night. Cam and his friend Scott had grand plans for places to go for dinner. As the date approached, they realized that getting into any restaurant, would be nearly impossible. Scott's mom, Cindy, had a great idea and I assisted.

We sent them on a scavenger hunt! The first clue: "Oscar the Grouch lives here. Look for the "sandy whirlwind". (dumpster at the Dust Devil stadium) They didn't get it and had to come home for more help. That clue led them to the mustang at Mcgee elementary. That one led them to CBC and the next clue said: This place not only feeds your stomach, it also feeds your spirit. Cameron called and said,"Mom, we are at the Stake Center..."
"No! Think lunch!" I yelled. They eat lunch in the Seminary building every day.
They were running out of time, because earlier, Cindy and I had paid for them to play a round of miniature golf as part of the hunt. The course was closing and they were taking a lot longer than we thought they would. We had them skip the playground of dreams and head to the mini golf place.

While they were running around, Cindy and I,and Court and Michelle, went to the mall's food court to set up a table for them. Scott's date is a vegetarian, so the food court made sense. She could have whatever she wanted.

When the kids got to the mini golf place, they were told it was too late to start a game. They refunded their money and gave them their final clue: "In the middle of the largest river, you will find a place where you can get a napkin". Check this out. The kids love it and watch it over and over, yet they didn't get the clue! They called for help when they got stuck. We were hiding in a corner of the food court when they showed up.

They could pick from so many choices, yet they all chose pizza except Scott who went for seafood. I went over to snap a couple of pictures before they ate. As I was walking away, I turned back in time to see them bowing their heads to say a blessing on the food. What good kids! An older man came to us and commented on how kind the young men were to the ladies. How they held the chair for them and gentlemanly they were. Another older man commented on their modesty as we were cleaning up. Their were actually quite a few prom goers that had the same idea, minus the fancy tables. We had fun and they said they did too.


debsters said...

That is so creative and fun.

I too noticed the girls modest dresses in the last post pictures.

I love scavenger hunts, especially when there are fun things like golf and food.

Jan said...

That is my favorite video too. That food court napkin kills me..

That is the most creative prom date ever. You are tough in your clues though. We are at the Stake Center is a classic line. What a riot.

The mall court is perfect. What a great idea. A variety and then they can choose. The blessing of the food? They have been taught well. Glad they had fun and hava a great mothers like you and Cindy. Can't wait for you to be my neighbor. I picture us laughing alot together and I am really looking forward to that......

Deborama said...

How fun! I wondered when I could do a scavenger hunt that wasn't basically the answer but I see it won't happen for a long time! :) They are such good boys.