Wednesday, July 2, 2008

An accounting of the journeys in the wilderness of my family.

While Mckenna and I enjoyed the house to ourselves, the rest of our clan experienced the great outdoors.

Maddy couldn't wait for her first year at girl's camp. She had a great time and met some new friends. Courtney lived through the 4th year hike and had many testimony building experiences at camp. She did say she missed the boys.

All of the boys that went on the float trip came home from the float trip. That is always a good thing. Cameron and Tom, probably had the most exciting raft trip. The boat they were supposed to take down the river popped so they had to divide up the people on other boats. Cam and Tom went together on another boat. When it hit the first rapids, it hit a hole and flew up and over, dumping everyone in the river. Tom and Cam had to float through two more rapids before a kayaker pulled Tom out exhausted and pretty scared. Cam was able to get to the side. Tom said he thought he was going to drown. He took in a lot of water, and said he couldn't go any further when the kayaker pulled him out. They were a bit nervous to get back on the boat the next day. They got on the boat and had a great time. They both loved it, and are already planning more whitewater trips. BOYS!


Jan said...

Can I just say that your poor husband went through the rapids of life. Poor guy. My heart went out for him on Sunday telling the tales.

Cute pictures. Looks like everyone is having fun this summer. Well sort of fun..

Have a great 4th with your family Terri. I will see you on Sunday.


terramisu said...

I am so jealous- I have always wanted to do that! Maybe we can plan an Ward adult rafting trip! Okay... who is on the activities committee?!? Hehe!

tharker said...

My heart just skipped a beat reading about your husband's experience. Scary! Although I do find it funny that they want to do it again!!!

Heather said...

I love rafting... glad they had a good time and are back in one piece.

Amy J. said...

THe same thing happened to my dad when he was bishop! Their whole boat load of kids had a pretty scary flip, I don't remember the whole story but I know many of them won't go river rafting again and I think they even had several kids that weren't accounted for, for a while...long enough to make everyoone freak out.