Monday, July 14, 2008

It's great to be eight!

My baby girl turned eight on Saturday. I can't believe my youngest is that old! She brings a lot of joy and fun into our home. I love being her mom.

In our home, the kids can't do sleep-overs with friends until they are eight. We bent it a little by letting her best friend, Sara, spend the night on Friday. The girls had fun with their little camp party. They decorated foam crowns, sang camp songs and ate smore's. Tom set up the tent in the backyard. They watched a movie in the tent, but decided to come inside to sleep.

On Saturday morning, Kenna opened her brand new scriptures and bag her grandma gave her. She loved the dark green quad with matching case. (Thanks grandma!) She then opened the birthstone barbie from Maddy, the makeup and case from Cam, and the journal from Court. Tom then told her to go into the living room where she was shocked to see a new (gently used) pink bike!

Saturday night, no amount of begging would change Kenna's mind on her pick for dinner. She chose Chuck E. Cheeses. For years now, it is the destination of choice for her. She had a good time, and luckily, she is old enough not to cry over the tickets and prizes as has happened in the past. The Norr's spoiled her with presents and came with us to eat cardboard pizza. One day, I may miss Chuck. I'm not sure how much longer she will request him.

Maddy and Kenna helped decorate the cake. It's hard to see in the picture, the cakes are supposed to look like a pair of flip flops. They used M&M's and bottlecaps to decorate the sides, and the straps are licorice pieces.

My favorite part of this tornado of a weekend was her baptism Saturday afternoon. She was excited! It was a small, but wonderful group of people that came. Courtney gave the talk on baptism. She reminded Kenna of how she was as a baby and how she would help take care of her, and when she is baptized, it is like being born again. Cameron talked on the Holy Ghost. He made me face reality. He is ready to go on a mission in a few months. He showed two flashlights; one bright and one dim and compared that to the Holy Ghost. The bright when we are obedient and the dim when we aren't.

I watched her put her hands in her dads, and teared up when I realized this was the last time one of our children stepped into that water. We laughed when her toe popped up and she had to be dunked again. It truly was a beautiful day!


Jan said...

She looked beautiful. I bet it was a little emotional that day for you. I know the feeling. It is a great day, but a day of realizing times are changing.

Wonderful daughter and I look forward to getting to know her better.

Jodi said...

I love those pictures of McKenna! Looks like it is definately great to be eight!! And I noticed her and her Dad all cozied up holding hands too. I thought it was the sweetest thing. :) It was a great afternoon. And McKenna is sooooo proud of her new scriptures. She showed everyone first thing on Sunday.

tharker said...

Congratulations to McKenna!

I love this last picture of her. What a sweet girl!

debsters said...

What a lovely picture of McKenna in her white dress.

I feel the same way about Chuckee, but we keep going back.

Em & M's said...

Congrats to McKenna on her baptism! A beautiful day for a beautiful girl. The baptism pictures are so cute.

Deborama said...

Im so sad I didn't get to go! The pics are so fun to see! She is such a sweety. Tell her to wait for Eric while he goes on his mission. :)

Amy J. said...

I love the pictures! It was such a nice baptism, I am so glad Sydney and I were able to go. You will have to check out my blog.

terramisu said...

Beautiful girl, beautiful baptism!

Ms. Kristen said...

Fun getting to know you a little better today at Amys'! Good luck on moving! DId it last year! I loved your curtains you made! You'll have to give a step by step know how!

The S Sissies said...

Happy birthday Mckenna.