Friday, July 25, 2008

The Big Move

We are moved! There are still boxes to unpack and things to do, but we are officially out of our old home. Moving is never fun, but this move hasn't been too miserable. I think it helps that the kids really are a big help.

I have learned some very valuable lessons this week. I want to remember them, so I am writing down the examples from some awesome people. These people I mention are the kind of people that do not need accolades or attention. They have behaved in a Christlike way. I want to be like that.

  • Tom's sister came Monday and Tuesday to pitch in. She worked hard packing, unpacking and cleaning. She jumped right in and scrubbed three bathrooms. She also fed us and kept us hydrated (with the help of Sonic and happy hour!) I am so grateful to all that she did. She is easy to be around. She is the kind of person that sees the good. Which is great, because we fooled her into thinking our kids are angels.

  • After spending most of Tuesday scrubbing the kitchen and packing and unpacking, I came home exhausted. I still needed to finish wiping the oven and doing the last few dishes, cleaning the counter tops and mopping the floor. I intended to go back after dinner and finish the kitchen. Before I had the chance, Cindy and her husband, Jerry, knocked on the door with a box of dishes. She had gone back on her own and finished the kitchen! I was in tears over her thoughtfulness. She also provided hydration on Monday via Sonic's happy hour. If that is not enough, she helped pack several boxes with cute labels like "What's upon a time there was a box with remotes........" She is also very skilled with the vacuum.

  • The Ashton's almost make me want to move more often. On Tuesday, Austin, Marinda and Eric knocked on our door bearing scones from heaven. Debie's famous buttermilk syrup and scones were a HUGE hit. Scott not only provided a giant trailer to help move the big furniture, he and Eric lifted and hauled and lugged a lot of heavy stuff. Scott also showed up with pizza for lunch. That wasn't the end of their goodness. Debie brought us a muy deliciouso dinner. When Maddy asked what was for dinner, I told her Sister Ashton was bringing it. She said, "Good, I'm tired of fast food." We are most grateful to this sweet family.

In our unloading Courtney came across a large garment bag. Her curiosity got the better of her and this was the result:

And this:
When I showed Tom the pictures, he wanted me to delete them immediately. Unfortunately, he already saw them and I couldn't take them out of his head. He is not ready for even the THOUGHT of his little girl in a white dress.


debsters said...

I feel like i should feel so sad that you moved because moving usually means not seeing someone anymore. But lucky us, you are gradually moving closer to us. lucky us!!

I appreciate you sharing the example of those who provide service. There are some wonderful people who give so much love.

tharker said...

I almost want to move after hearing of all the wonderful people who helped you. Well, almost...

The pictures of Courtney are awesome!

Deborama said...

Oh my word that pic with your dress is so awesome! Marinda was eyeing my big pink bag in my closet the other day and said please can we take it out I want to see it. I still haven't gotten it out for her. I will tell her she can when we move! :)
Your too sweet to say all those nice things, you totally built us up, you fibber! :) You didn't say "and then we took Scott and his entire family to sonics and spent a fortune on them!" :)

Amy J. said...

I am not suprised by any of your happy helpers. We have some amazing families in our ward and they always seem to be thinking of everyone except themselves.

Those pictures are a bit scary! Weren't we just having a discussion about our kids growing up WAY too fast!?

Jan said...

That is so awesome Terri, that you are so loved. What a neat group of friends that you are surrounded by. I am so glad that you are settled in. What a relief for your family.

Great pictures of your daughter in your dress. It is scary but she is nearing the age. ;p

I just had to make you get some grey hair. I know she is a splitting image of you. She is darling and will make a great wife in about 20 years.

Take care.

Pam Anderson said...

Ken called and said you had given him some house plans. Sure look forward to your sharing them, then I look forward to watching your house get built. Fun! Fun!