Saturday, September 27, 2008

Decisions, decisions!

This past week has been a week of mind-boggling decisions. This is very difficult for the decision making challenged. (me) I remember one night in Salt Lake, Tom and I were STARVING. We drove up and down State Street looking for a place to eat. Neither one of us was willing to decide where we would eat. The decision was eventually made for us when all the eateries were closed but one, a little scone sandwich shop. It was very good. I tried to convince Tom I knew what I was doing all along! I know it stems from me not wanting to make a mistake. I don't want to do the wrong thing, or disappoint someone, or regret my choice. So this week I was thrown in the decision making fire.

  • Monday: What kind of flooring do you want in the entry way? Carpet? Tile? Wood? Laminate? Vinyl? Where would you like it to stop? Do you want carpet in the hall by the kitchen? Do you want wood laminate or hardwood? What is your price range? Do you want granite counter tops, synthetic, laminate, tile or granite tiles? Do you want a tile backsplace? How high do you want it? 4in? 6in? or 18in? What flooring do you want in the office, living room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms? Looking at these tiny sample squares, what carpet to you like for your ENTIRE house?

  • Tuesday: Do you want painted doors or fake wood doors? Which style of door do you like? Do you want a metal or wood door for the exterior? How about trim? What style do you want out of these 6, 823 choices? What kind of hardware do you want for your doors? Do you want the pantry door to say "pantry"?

  • Wednesday: Which cabinets do you like...
the cook top in the island?
or not?
What kind of wood do you want for the cabinets? What finish do you want? Which style of door do you like?
Plumbing: What faucets do you want? Do you want a standard toilet, or an elongated toilet? Is your shower tiled or fiberglass? Do you want a soaker or a jetted tub? What kind of kitchen sink do you want?
Last night, Tom asked me where I wanted to go for dinner.
I think my brain exploded.

p.s. Please, feel free to share your opinions!


terramisu said...!? I'm speechless. Too many decisions and I shut down too! Good luck- I bet it will look fab no matter what you decide!

Em and Ms said...

Whoa. I'm just like you. I have the hardest time making decisions, much for the same reason--afraid of making a mistake, or I'm not sure of my opinion. I finally had to tell Matt one year that it's not a treat to choose where to go for my birthday dinner--just take me! Good luck, I'm sure it will all come through in the end and be beautiful!

♥The S Sissies♥ said...

I like the first one

Pam Anderson said...

I can sure sympathize with you. And after you have decided you wonder if that was the right one. And then a few weeks later you wonder "Now what was it that I picked." And then you see or hear about something a bit later and think, "I wonder if it is too late to change my mind about..." The list is endless. I finally decided to stop looking and thinking after a few weeks and worrying if it was the right one or not. There is no way it will be perfect - gives you an opportunity to make changes later as new things come up. Good luck! At least I most of my decisions are done now - just picked out appliances this week and now all I have left to pick out is the actual street numbers for my house. We are looking forward to watching your house close up. We will be able to sneak into your house more often since it will be so close.

The Warnicks said...

WOW! so many decisions, but it will be all worth it when your in your beautiful new home.

Marilyn said...

I am kind of opinionated about the stovetop thing. So here's my 2 cents. I didn't want the stovetop on my island because I like the large space that my island provides to make pie crusts, enchiladas (I lay out all the tortillas,)etc. In my opinion, it makes the most sense to put the stovetop in the side counters.

Either way you decided, it looks like it will be a beautiful kitchen. So enjoy the process!

The Evanites Tribe said...

I vote cook top not in the island...but either way it will be so nice! by the way i tagged you! have fun!

debsters said...

I agree with keeping the island clear so you have optimum work space.

Good luck with the decision making, it's tough, I know.

LaDeaux family said...
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LaDeaux family said...

What helped me was to ask people who had built houses what they liked and didn't like about their house. I have tile countertops and wish they were a smooth surface. Now I have to find something to roll dough on. I wish my sink were in the island, then I wouldn't be running all around my kitchen so much. You almost have too much counter space with an island. It's so easy to put all the papers from mail and school in a nice pile. Hope that helps and good luck!

Jessica said...

WOW I feel for you, I hate making decisions! Good luck with everything!