Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Proposal

I first met Tom the fall of 1987. His roommate was dating my roommate. He was dating someone at the time and I quickly began dating a boy (I mean, frog). I only had a few interactions with him that first quarter of school. I've said before, the thought that came to my head when I first met him was, "Wow! He is short." After spending more time with him, and seeing first hand his confidence, my thought turned to, "Does he not know he's short"? He made people quickly forget about his height and see the giant of a man inside.

Shortly before Christmas break, I was with my roommate at her boyfriend and Tom's apartment. He seemed to be working hard to impress me and by the end of the night, he promised he would call and take me on a date after school started. I hoped he would, but I was a bit afraid he wouldn't. He did call and we went on our first and probably last "official" date. We went to one his married friends house and played games. He was charming and funny and sweet. After that first date, we were pretty inseparable. He would go to the library every night and study. If I wanted to see him, I had to go too. Surprisingly, that is the quarter of school that I got my best grades! (Even with some smooching when we hoped no one was looking.;))

There is some debate in our household about the first kiss. He tells me I attacked him, but I don't remember it that way. I remember really wanting him to kiss me. I think I might have made it easy for him. You know, eyes closed, lips pursed, leaning towards him, kind of thing. We may never know who is right. (me)

The "love" word was first used at my Grandpa's ranch in Idaho. Getting that out was huge for both of us. It was late spring, and by then, I was totally smitten. We began throwing out the "M" word in early summer. We had talked about marriage and even thrown a possible date out into the conversations, but nothing was official. Everywhere we went, he would tell people. "I am just waiting for her to ask me to marry her." At first, I loved when he said that, because I knew he was thinking it and it would happen soon. After awhile, I was frustrated and irritated. "Does he really think I'm going to ask him?" I'd think to myself.

In early August, I was more sure than ever that I wanted to spend eternity with him, BUT I was tired of waiting for him to get busy and ask me. His apartment was near the Logan temple. In fact, when you opened the curtains, his window framed the temple nearly perfectly. A great place for a nearly engaged couple to be;)

One late summer evening, Tom took me on a walk. We walked hand in hand as he began confessing his fear of marriage and commitment and blah, blah, blah...Inside, I was seething. I had had enough. It's a good thing he couldn't read my thoughts, they were not pretty. Somehow, in my inward rage, I hadn't noticed that we were walking around the temple. Out of the blue, on the sidewalk surrounding the temple, Tom stops and takes both of my hands and gets on one knee. It wasn't until then, I noticed his hands were shaking. He asked me to marry him and placed my brand new not-so-shiny squirt ring on my finger. I was thrilled! And mad! He was trying to throw me off his scent with the whole, "I'm afraid" thing. I quickly forgave him and couldn't wait to tell everyone!

He asked me at the beginning of August, and the date we picked to get married was September 16. We didn't want a long engagement. (I was having a hard time keeping my hands off him.;))

My first engagement ring was a squirt ring similar to one of these. Tom had picked out a diamond and setting for me on his own, but they wouldn't be ready for a couple more weeks. Not enough time to get the wedding plans done.
This banana clip explains my hair in the next picture.

One of our engagement pictures. Yes, Tom had a mustache!

Tomorrow--The Wedding


Em and Ms said...

Cute story! It's so fun to hear how people started out. It's amazing how different the stories are, but essentially the same too.

::DANDEE:: said...

You two are very sweet...and stylish!

I love the squirt ring. Way to be creative!

Heather said...

I've never heard of a squirt ring. Do you still have it?

debsters said...

Terri, I'm completely blushing at the "I couldn't keep my hands off him" comment. I love it.

terramisu said...

Love it! Love it!
ANd I have to say that I like this picture of him and "the stache!"

Deborama said...

I LOVE that picture! Austin took a picture of it with my phone to go show Derek and HJ. I was getting all excited for Wed. going to get some snacks ready and my comfy clothes on and then I remebered something about a horse and I think its not going to be the romantic novel I was hoping for! :)

Jan said...

That is a hot love story. Thats what the squirt rings were for. Hello.

meohmyers said...

My jaw just flung open at that picture! After staring at it for a while I can finally see you two! Don't you just LOVE the 80's?! So cute. I can't wait to hear the rest of the story!

Sonja said...

Love the story! An wooooohooo, that is an awesome stach, :D

tharker said...

Holy cow, that picture is AWESOME!!