Friday, September 19, 2008

The Honeymoon's over

Well, the honeymoon is over. It's back to my irregularly scheduled posts. First, I'll answer some questions from the comments of the last few posts.

Sometime in our married life, I lost the squirt ring. I was very sad. It made me smile, remembering how I had gotten it.

For our anniversary this year, We went to P.F. Changs. I tried the lettuce chicken wraps I've heard so much about. They were delicious! We had a nice evening. We had a good laugh at my fortune in my cookie after dinner. It said, "You will be receiving unexpected support in the next week, accept it graciously."

Tom said, "Oh, you must be getting some extra help with Cavalcade." (Cavalcade is a local band competition On October 4th. I am on the board over concessions.)

My first thought was, "There must be a good sale on bras somewhere."


I have run into a few people who have asked me to post the floor plan for our house. It's probably hard to see, but here is the main floor. The basement will be unfinished until all the kids are grown and gone and we won't need it anymore.(kidding)

In other news, Courtney had her first performance in color guard Friday night. We love going to the games to watch her. I just wish the silly football team would get off the marching band field!

She is easy to pick out on the field, she is the only one who wears a shirt under her uniform to cover her arm. LOVE. HER.
On Saturday, our ward had a carnival with good food, games and colorful faces.

The primary kids were given a challenge to memorize the articles of faith. For every article of faith learned, they would get a water balloon to throw at the Bishop.

The Spurgeon kids had a little too much fun dousing the Bishop!

He was a good sport and the kids were thrilled!


Lisa said...

I like the floor plan, and your walk in closet looks almost as big as your room. Now you will need to fill it up. Yah!!!

I am still so shocked to see your kids look so old. I am so proud of Courtney. Kudos to her for her standards.

Amy J. said...

OK I just got caught up on your wedded bliss blogs! I enjoyed every minute of it. (I may have enjoyed the mustache/banana clip photo a bit too much) Your honeymoon story is so crazy! It really was a treat to go through and read all your anniversary week posts!

Nicki said...

Courtney's amazing. I love her! She's been a great friend to Kylie and all the girls. I can't wait to watch her perform at the next game.

tharker said...

Mmmm, P.F. Chang's...yum!

I loved your thought about your fortune cookie. So funny!

Seriously, that Courtney is amazing!!! What a great example she is to her younger sisters!

debsters said...

I can't wait to see that floor plan in action.
Courtney wearing something under her outfit warms my heart, what a fantastic example.
Someone should really control those Spurgeon kids, they are completely out of control.

The Shlotthauers said...

It does look like you're family is having fun, but also...GREAT floor plan. It seems you and I have similar taste in wanting to keep all of the living and eating together, and ALWAYS being able to see out to the backyard while cooking AND doing dishes. I'm still dreaming, but am so excited for you guys to get in your new place!