Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Basement humor

A few days ago, Tom had the great idea to write a song for Cameron. After much murmuring from the family, we finally gave into his enthusiasm and came up with this gem, sung to the tune of Popcorn Popping.

I looked in the web cam and what did I see,
A handsome, young college boy staring at me.
Conquering the monster gave us such surprise,
Putting in the quarters and a bunch of Tide.
Sorry 'bout your undies and that's too bad,
A permanent wedgie could be what you have.
It was really so, and it seem to be,
Our college freshman who's cool and clean!
We all gathered around the computer and sang it to him. I was a bit offended when we told him we had a song for him, he quickly plugged in his headphones! Rude!
Now, onto another hole we've gotten our selves in.

I was tempted to say, "Forget the house, lets add water and have a big swimming pool!"
Yesterday, the footings were poured. Courtney likes to call it the houses "shoes".


Next, the walls will be built to get ready to pour. We could have a basement by the end of next week!
Even though the election didn't end the way I was hoping for. I am full of optimism. I live in the greatest country in the world!


Nicki said...

I agree with you. We do live in a great country. I read the talk your hubby told us to read and we can find happiness in everything if we just live the gospel. Hope Cameron is doing well. Only a few more weeks and he'll be home for Thanksgiving. Time seems to be flying!

Jodi said...

I really appreciate your last thoughts. Thanks for helping me feel a little better about the outcome. And I'm so excited that your son is getting more self efficient and VERY excited about your basement. I would LOVE a basement.

Amy J. said...

Your pumpkins look professional! And I love your humor about the girls demanding are so funny. How exciting that your house has shoes! The way our weather is going it is going to need gollashes soon. (I know I spelled that wrong.) You should have video taped your family singing into the video cam...I would have paid a dollar and a quarter to see that!

terramisu said...

I'm soooooo excited 4 ya'all!

Anonymous said...

Wow the house looks great!!! Hahaha... I am sure that things are coming right along and you guys are more excited than stressed to have it finished! That is awesome and so much of it is done... it looks a lot better than those weeds and dirt I saw earlier! Ryan and I have a blogspot! Yeah! I was so excited to read all that you have and hear things about the fam! Thanks for stopping by tonight to get Ryan off of his video games and to have him do something productive like work on your car haha... And Chevy was excited to meet you guys too!

Sonja said...

At least we got our way on Prop 8! There's always a bright side :)

I'm excited about your house, can't wait to see the updates as it comes together!