Wednesday, November 26, 2008

This week so far...

Something happens when elderly teenagers come home for the week. Their elderly teenage friends gather. When it happens on a Monday night, what do we do? We include them in on our Family Home Evening. They were forced to sing a primary song, listen to a Thanksgiving lesson and a poem complete with actions.
Of course, Family home evening wouldn't be complete without a game. Tom had them stare at a pizza pan in anticipation of a piece of candy being dropped.
The grabbing frenzy!
Wouldn't you know? Dad had a little trick up his sleeve. (Or pocket)
If you look close, the candy looks suspiciously like a broken egg!
Next comes the activity.

Aren't they cute?
In house news: the basement floor was poured yesterday.

Kenna and I had fun watching the process before I ran her to school.

The finished project!
And Finally.....

Don't the "fall" colors look pretty?
These bruises don't look nearly as bad as the ones on my fragile ego.


Dandee said...

You are going to have a great weekend having Cameron home.

Your basement looks great!

What did you do to that foot?! I'm guessing a fall was involved. Hopefully it looks worse than it feels.

meohmyers said...

OUCH!! What happened? Looks painful.

How exciting to watch the progress of your home go up!

Have a great weekend with all your family together! Happy Thanksgiving!

Jan said...

How fun Terri. It is grand having the big people around. Looks like Bishop is having fun too.

Basement looks ready to party in. Can't wait for you guys. Sorry about the Fall coloring on your foot. ouch

RommaLamaDingDongs said...

ok, the egg is a phenom of an idea!!!!! also, first question my husband had about your basement floor was whether they covered it with thermal concrete blankets when they were finished pouring. he said that he hopes so. other than that, it looks very exciting! have a fantastic thanksgiving! =)

Heather said...

ewww that ankle looks bad. it's always fun to have family home!

♥The S Sissies♥ said...


that looks like a fun game.


The Shlotthauers said...

Some of my favorite memories are the of weekends my older brother and sister would come home from school for the weekends. Hope the rest of the week brings even more memories! Happy Thanksgiving.

Deborama said...

What did you do to your foot? Your basement looks so exciting! What a fun party! The holidays are so fabulous!

Nicki said...

I think I'm going to use that game sometime. Too funny! How's the foot doing? Hope it's okay.

Amy J. said...

SO I thought for sure, since I am commenting so late that we would now know what truly happened to your foot. And it does look very painful!

Catherine said...

I had to laugh about the egg! I hope to remember that game for a future family home evening when Lauren is older!!! Wow, your foot looks painful! Like everyone else has asked...what happened??

The Evanites Tribe said...

FHE is the best night...your house is coming right your foot okay...what did you do?

Sonja said...

Poor you!! That ankle doesn't look good at all.

Sounds like a fun night with the kids, I laughed about the egg.

Jodi said...

OH. MY. WORD! What happened to your foot? OUCH! And it looks like you guys had a lot of fun over the holidays! That's what it's all about. :)