Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bestest blog post ever NOT!

There have been many nights, as I'm drifting off to sleep, I have written the most amazingly, awesome blog posts ever. In my head, I draft, well thought, and beautifully written posts. Every time that happens, I get giddy. I can't wait to put my inspired thoughts on my blog! I snuggle deeper under my covers, content that tomorrow will be the bestest post ever written by any blogger ever.

Something happens during the night. The bestest post ever, mysteriously disappears. Somehow, my well thought, creative words, make their way to the tiny garbage can in my head. It is very frustrating when I wake up and remember the feeling I had the night before of having something to post, and have it be... well, just gone!

It happened again last night.

This morning, I am sitting here trying to remember what I was thinking about last night before my brain shut down. It is all too fuzzy. I should keep a notebook next to my bed for just this very thing. But that would mean, I would have to:

  • turn on a light
  • sit up
  • grab a pencil....

much too much work for my sleepy soul. It will just have to wait until the morning.

Honestly, I am hesitant to follow my impulse and write my thoughts when I get them. What seems wonderful in my sleepy state, might not look so great in my fully conscious state. Maybe I'm fooling myself into thinking I have something so important to share with the world that my little post will be copied and pasted and sent in emails all over the world....but you may never know... and neither will I.

house update: The walls of the basement are up. The plumbing for the basement and the floor is next!


terramisu said...

I know the feeling. Good luck with remembering!

Heather said...

I do the same thing, only when I wake up to feed the baby. Those posts are amazing. If only I had a transcriber from my brain to the computer during the night.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha that is so funny! I do the same thing except for in the shower... But, lately I am thinking it is because there is something else going on in my life that is giving me the blank thought syndrome. You'll have to check my blog and find out! Hope to see you guys around!

Love ya!


Holly said...

I totally do this too! It is so frustrating, especially since I'm so new to blogging. I wrote back to your comment on my blog but forgot this is not facebook so you have no way of knowing I did that. (I also went back and re-worded a couple of things. Thanks for your input!) I just realized you had a blog too when I clicked on your photo. I'm enjoying reading this.