Thursday, March 19, 2009

True or False

A simple little test:

::True or False::

  • I have had ample sleep for several weeks.

  • The prospect of scrubbing down this rental at the same time as cleaning all the construction mess at our new home has me excited beyond belief.

  • I feel great! Bronchitis is awesome!

  • I LOVE tiling floors, back splashes, bathtubs and around fireplaces!

  • Grouting is the best!

  • I see my sweetie way too much.

  • My kids have been fed the most nutritious, well-balanced meals while we have been working at the house.

  • I am completely relaxed.

  • I will miss renting. I could stay here forever!

  • This building process has been so much fun, I can't wait to do it again!

Obviously, the answer to all of the above is False!

I don't want to seem ungrateful. I am. Our family is getting excited for next week when we officially get the keys. We are all just a little tired of the process. I actually heard a teenage girl near me, murmur under her breath, "I hate this house." Tom has been working until midnight or later almost every night, on top of work and bishop stuff, he is exhausted. We can't wait to be together as a family.

We have also been blessed, a post I will do another time. Right now, I need to keep my lung from trying to come up;)


debsters said...

But look at the most gorgeous home for you and your family. It's so lovely.

We have a trailer to haul a couple of loads over to the new place for you when you are ready. Let us know.

terramisu said...

You Stink- LOL- We are right here and didn't know how frustrating it was getting. Jon has been wanting to help the Bishop. Please, Please let us know when he is gonna be there.You have been so kind to us, let us help you know! Please bug us! (And I don't mean with the Bronchitis bug-lol)

Nicki said...

Now I know why I haven't moved for almost six years. I hope it gets better, both the house situation and the cough. Let us know if we can help. Jory thinks he can fix your floor board? He was trying to explain to me how he'd do it. But not seeing it, I was lost. Total visual person.

LKP said...

I was starting to wonder how progress was progressing on the MOONscaping! Glad to know you're still kicking. Sorry to hear about the bronchitis for sure! We've been so sick at our house for weeks and weeks, UGH! I am happy to report that we're getting any of the few lingering germs bleached outta, when would you like dinner? Please let me know. It would be a pleasure to take care of you and your family---PSSST!!!! It's totally our turn to return the favor anyhow!

LKP said...

P.S. UBER LOVIN the light fixtures on the garage! They weren't there when you gave the tour. AWESOME!

Dandee said...

I completely understand all of the frustrations. Just a couple of months you'll be laughing about it all. I promise!

Beth at Aunties said...

I can so understand ALL you frustrations. I am so glad we made it into our home before my husband was called in the bishopric and then to be the bishop. We still had the basement to finish and the yard to put in though. He travels for the church during the week on assignments. I am glad that is behind us and our basement is almost finished 2 years after he has been released!:-)
It is a crazy time. Your home is so beautiful!!!!! May you enjoy and make incredible memories within it's walls.
Mine is whooping cough ....I ams o sorry you are also ill! Do you feel there just may be life after coughing your gut out??? ;} I got on a z~ pak and cough syrup yesterday. Have you been to the doctor? I sure hope you feel well soon.:-)

Hugs from a sister

Blaine, Hillary & Colton said...

I can't wait for you to be settled into your house--it is beautiful. Sounds like it has been CRAZY busy for you and your family. Hope you get feeling better this week!

Amy J. said...

Love this post! So what if I have a similar list and I'm not building a house? :) Your home looks great and the kids will have great memories of pitching in and helping.

Sonja said...

What a crazy few weeks! Now that you're in your home, I bet you feel so much better.