Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Breaking ground and teenage girls

Last week, our stake broke ground for a new stake center. Our ward is pretty excited to have a building closer to home. I took Cam, Court and Maddy with me to the ceremony. It was fun to see lots of people that I know and love from other wards that I don't see often. Tom has been exceedingly busy with work deadlines, church meetings and broken cars; he was more than willing to stay home with Mckenna who had spent the previous night and morning rejecting the contents of her stomach, over and over.

After the official ceremony was over, anyone that wanted too, could have their own ground breaking pictures with the fancy shovels. I would have none of that! I spent one dollar on our special shovel, and I was going to make sure we used it again! (If you want to see how we used it the first time see here.)

The kids were less than enthusiastic. I don't understand why.

Through gritted teeth, "Please mom, get this over with, I am so embarrassed!"

"No, I am not going to bend down for your photo-op." Party pooper:(
Courtney has a fantastic group of friends. Once or twice a month they have what they call "Friday night". They get together, giggle; watch movies, giggle; make their own music videos, giggle louder; sleep a little bit in between more giggling. She had made plans to host a Friday night last Friday, when I told her that we had made arrangements to head up to Teancum timbers for the stake clean-up day, I thought it would be fun to invite them to camp with us. She willingly agreed, and Tom, unwittingly, stuffed seven HUGE overnight bags in the back of our Suburban and put up with over an hour of estrogen overload. I am sure he had no idea what he was getting into.

The girls

They had fun! They even managed to do a little service. Not much, but some. Where we camped was near a creek that seemed to be stuffed to the brim with noisy croaking frogs. When I looked, I couldn't see anything, but they were LOUD. I thought they would keep me up all night. Then, I remembered, if anything was going to keep me up, it would most likely be the group of giggling gals. The little girls, and Tom and I slept in our tent trailer, and the big girls slept on cots in our tent next to the trailer. I did fall asleep, and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the sound of teenage girls.


Ryan and Melissa said...

Looks like you guys had a busy/fun week! I forgot about the groundbreaking and I didn't realize that that was going to be your building! How great! That must be a much better drive for you haha... And congrats on the groundbreaking for the future homeowners of Jacobs lane. That is cute!

Jodi said...

I wish we could have gone to the groundbreaking. I'm glad that those of you who went documenting it for us who had to stay home. And I love that Tom had to drive a estrogen loaded car -- I always drive a testosterone loaded car, and it's always "interesting." I think it's great that you took extra helpers. It looks like they had a great time.