Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hair of the Dog

For eight years, Maddy would ask, "Is tomorrow the day we get a dog?" She would pray to get a dog. Her walls were covered with pictures of dogs. I resisted for as long as I could. I told them I didn't want the burden of taking care of it to fall on me. I didn't want to make sure it was fed. I told them that I didn't want to teach it to be good, but in reality; I just didn't want to deal with poop. I finally could not deny her what she wanted any longer. Three years ago for Christmas, Tom took the kids to the pound and they brought home Roxie. I made it clear to him that I didn't want a big dog. (Smaller poop) She is big.

She is a good dog. She will sit on command. She will shake and go down. We can't get her to roll over and she is not the best at fetch. But, she loves our family and even though she has gotten out of our yard a few times, she always comes back. (Much to Hubby's dismay)

There is one area that she and I do not mesh well on. I think I need to take her to obedience school. I have used all the training tricks I know and she is still not doing what I want her too. I can't handle her lack of respect for me much longer!

Her hair is driving me CRAZY! Our house is on the market so I have to keep it presentable ALL the time. I admit, I have slacked a little because of our busy schedule, and nobody calling to see our house for about a week, but this is FOUR days worth of hair! I vacuumed on Saturday, and didn't get to it again until yesterday. Oh, and this mass of disgusting hair, is just from PART of the downstairs. It doesn't include the stairs or the upstairs. That's today's job. We also take her outside and brush her several times a week. It doesn't seem to help much.

I heart, HEART my Dyson. It does such a good job of getting ALL the hair. I've tried to skip a step and just vacuum Roxie, but the sound scares her and she runs away too fast. (It was worth a try!) With as much hair as I get each time, I am shocked the dog has any hair left!

My family is so attached to her, so I will tolerate the hair everywhere a little longer, but this gives me one reason to look forward to winter.


Jan said...

I hair ya loud and clear..

That is why we got the poodle. They do not shed. But even if he did, we would still love him. I get where you are coming from though. At least its not your hair.

Amy J. said...

So you never mentioned if all the responsibility falls on you...hey I have a chololate lab you can have!

Jodi said...

Love the pile of hair in the garbage can - reminds me of when I shaved Jake. ;)

Deborama said...

thank you, I can show my kids and tell them they are stll a few years off from having a dog. We have to get everyone potty trained before we venture into puppy poop.
You did amazing this week with all the finishing up for the year, I can't imagine adding a graduation, seminary grad, senior projects, and Eagle court of honer to the pile! I hope I can do it with as much class!

Sonja said...

You're so nice to let them have a dog. I'm mean. I won't let the kids get a dog right now. I am borderline OCD and the hair would drive me batty.