Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Happy Quinseanera!

This is a big birthday year for several members of our family. Cameron turned eighteen and is now officially an adult. Maddy had her twelfth birthday in April. She now gets to attend Young Women's in church and she graduated from primary. She is also excited about attending girl's camp next week. Next month, Mckenna will turn eight and be baptized. She also thinks that when she is eight she will be able to have unlimited sleep overs. (Not!)

Courtney's birthday was Saturday. I had been teasing her for months that I would throw her a quinseanera, complete with a pinata, a big poofy dress and a tiara. She thankfully rejected my offer.

We did, however, make the most of her fifteenth birthday. The day started with us girls using the gift certificates we got for Christmas for manicures and pedicures. Maddy was forced to go and let us know we were torturing her. Courtney, Mckenna and I were entertained by her torment. The scowl on her face didn't leave until we walked out of the salon.

Courtney loves the flowers on her freshly pedicured toes.

After presents, she picked Applebee's for dinner. We stuffed ourselves so much that she decided to save the cake for Sunday and make it a combined birthday/father's day celebration.

Blow, baby blow!

Yesterday, I gained such a respect for Courtney. We have been looking for a modest swim suit for months for her to wear this summer. The girl's camp rules are that it must be a one piece or a tankini sewn together. (I know... weird!) Anyway, we looked at the local stores and were disappointed at the very, very slim selection. We couldn't find any modest one pieces. The few one pieces we found were not much better than a bikini. After another failed attempt in a popular store, we decided to try a sporting goods store. When I asked the sales lady if they had any one pieces she said, "The only one pieces we have are competitive suits. I saw some the other day at ____ that were pretty cute." She was referring to the store we had just been too. The one piece she was suggesting was basically a bikini with a small piece of fabric down the middle.

I was so pleased that she stuck to her values. She knew exactly what she wanted and what she would be comfortable wearing. She also wanted to find a good deal. (If her dad gives her ten dollars, she will come home with an outfit and shoes.) She tried on several suits, but even a suit I thought was acceptable, she didn't feel right in. I ended up spending more money than I wanted to on a swim suit, but it was worth every penny knowing she is comfortable and trying so hard to make good choices.

Courtney looking stylish in her new suit and board shorts.

Many people have commented on how pretty Court is. She is, but her inner beauty is what knocks the wind out of me.


Heather said...

Yay! I remember having the hardest time finding swimsuits, and I still do! Glad she found a good one.

debsters said...

I think that is a beautiful girl all right. She looks fantastic in her new attire. You're right, it's impossible to find modest, cute suits: but you determined ladies pulled it off.

I can't wait for my girls to read this. Thank you Courtney for the amazing example.

Jan said...

Cute cute suit Courtney. I love how you are sticking to the right way to dress. It will so pay off in the end.

You are a beautiful example and there are little ones watching all the time. Happy Birthday. Is that right?

Marilyn said...

What a lovely tribute post to your daughter. I too am proud of these young women who stick to the standards of modesty that is set for them. Totally awesome!

I am going to post tomorrow my source for getting cute, inexpensive, modest swimsuits for my girls!

Deborama said...

Happy Birthday! Your kids are so awesome, cute bathing suit. Just google one piece bathing suits and it will take you to a bunch of different sights, its faster since every store only has like 2 choices of one pieces. :)

terramisu said...

Courtney Rocks!!!

Jodi said...

Awwwww - that was really sweet! Your last statement choked me up (I know, I'm a boob). And very good choice Courtney!!

Char&Rosie said...

Urm Where Did You Get You Dress??
Where Lookin For Our Prom Lol

Modestkini said...

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