Thursday, June 12, 2008

School's Out For The Summer!

This day is here! Finally, no rushing around in the morning. No more washing p.e. clothes. No more homework! (o.k., I will not let their brains die. We will still read and work on math facts. The school math really lacks on computation skills.)

I gathered all the "stuff" the kids brought home and dropped in various places and took a picture. I will be trying to find places to hide all of this while we are still trying to sell our house!

Mckenna came home today, and said that she got an award at the last day of school assembly. She got a starship Mcgee award for Caring. Her classmates also signed a large paper heart to say goodbye to her. She will not be attending Mcgee next year. I will miss Mcgee. My kids have had awesome teachers and great experiences. It's hard to imagine a new school. Mckenna seems so at ease about changing schools. I hope she makes good friends at Livingston. My goals for the summer:

  • READ every day (all of us)
  • Practice math facts
  • Swimming lessons
  • Work on Personnel Progress (Maddy and Courtney)
  • Prepare for Kenna's baptism
  • Mooch off someones garden (hint, hint) and finally... one that I am not looking forward too
  • MOVE!!!


Deborama said...

Yeah Im so happy school is out! We aren't reading or doing math for three months baby! :)

debsters said...

Great, fantastic job McKenna on your award. I think that word fits you perfectly.

We are going to be working hard this summer so all those math facts and reading skills aren't lost. My poor children never get a break.

I understand your feelings on having to move. It's a good thing but it sure is a pain.

Heather said...

It will be so fun to see you new house as it unfolds. I'll live vicariously through you until we can build our dream house (hope that's ok).

Kids are way better at change than we are, I'm sure she will love her new school.

Sonja said...

Great list! I'm making some of those goals myself. Speaking of gardens... do you like tomatoes? My dad has always planted more than he needs and we'll have them coming out of our ears around July/August so be sure to ask.

Blaine, Hillary & Colton said...

I remember well that end of school feeling, coming home and just letting all of your backpack with its affiliated paraphanalia drop like an A bomb on mom's home. Nothing better than three months of anticipated fun ahead!

terramisu said...

I had to think for a second when you said that she won't be going to Mcgee... I thought, "wow! she going to Jr. High already?!?"
Sometimes it take me a minute!!!

Jan said...

We will love have your family be a part of the Livingston crowd. They should really enjoy it alot.

What stage are you on the house building?