Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday nap?!

I was so exhausted after church that I decided to take a well deserved Sunday nap. I stretched out on my comfy bed, looking for a nice long restful sleep.

Slam! muffled giggling and talking.

I waited for Mad and Kenna to quiet down.

"Shh! Mom's trying to sleep!

giggle, giggle, bark!

After a while of trying to shut them out I gave up and grabbed the book that was the reason for me being so tired. I had stayed up way to late last night engrossed in the story. I couldn't get it off my mind.

I spent the afternoon reading and finished it by dinner time. I hadn't noticed how quiet the house had gotten.

Little stinkers!


Jodi said...

That's so funny!! So, what did you think of "The Host"? I thought it was a really good read. And not to rub it in or anything - but I got in a NICE Sunday nap. I have a noise maker that I turn up LOUD to drown out the noise (boys). :)

Jan said...

Same dilema here. I think we should all pitch in and get a Sunday Suite at the Red Lion. Shut the curtains and go to sleep. The phone is our biggest problem.

Rub it in Jodi.... Glad you got your read on though. And there they sleep contently. Did you rattle them a little?

Em & M's said...

I've been engrossed in The Host too! I told myself I can't read today until the house is clean and the laundry done. Otherwise Nothing would get done!

debsters said...

I must be missing out on something amazing, because all I've heard is great things.

When I'm into a book the world could come crashing down and I'd stay put.

The S Sissies said...

When I am in the middle of a good book. I put on my lamp to the dimest it can go and finish the next chapter In the middle of the night. I don't know why it they are really good. The clerk at the library told me that If you read a really good book in 2 days or less or you watch a movie to many times you will start dreaming about the characteres. It is true because I have been reading the series of unfortunate events and I read them in 2 or 3 day each and I started to dream about the characters. And the other day I got back in to likeing Full House and I have been wathcing the show a lot lately. I actually I like them so much I have seen every eppisode reated. I have all 8 seasons on disc. I just last night started to dream about them. Than I woke up. But you get the point. Well the real reason I wanted to post a comment is so I could tell you that we have a giveaway on our blog. So come and check it out.

Deborama said...

I haven't read it yet, someone said body snatchers and I haven't been able to make myself get started into it! :) When Scott comes home and me and the house look terrible he says did you scrapbook or read? :)

tharker said...

Thanks for not freaking out today when I hugged you!! It was fun to chat.

As for Sunday naps...what are those again? I used to live for my Sunday nap, but for some reason they just don't happen anymore. Dangit!

Amy J. said...

I can't wait to read again! I am in the middle of a HUGE garage clean up/ Day Camp organize...when that is done I need to read #2 and 3 of Twilight series and The Host!

Klingler said...

Great blog!! Greg loves flowers on his toes too. We have had so much fun seeing everyone's blog. Who would have thought so many people in our ward are bloggers.

You guys are awesome.