Friday, April 4, 2008

Conference Weekend

I absolutely LOVE conference weekend. The feeling is almost like playing hookie from church. I'm sitting on my couch, watching the prophet in my pajamas. Is that really legal? I especially love that my hubby gets a needed break. We enjoy having him around, the phone still rings, but he is home!

I am excited to sustain a new prophet and feel the spirit that inevitably comes from four hours of inspirational talks given seemingly to only me. Our family on Sunday morning will feast on cinnamon rolls, (rhodes, wish I had the patience for homemade, they just take too long). We will carry on the tradition started by Tom's family when he was growing up of plain M&M's in a bowl with peanuts. The M&M's make great bingo chips for conference bingo. My mom sent me a cool link we will do this year. My kids will be so busy with activities, they won't want conference to end.

Check this out!


Jan said...

That is way cool site. Can I come over for the M&M's. We have nothing when it comes to conference traditions. Mattie is pretty sick still, so I know she'll probably be on the couch with me this year. I love conference as well. Have a wonderful time with family and Hubby Bishop. I guess I'll hold off on the phone call I was planning on making to him that would have sent him bussling over. Joking. :) Enjoy the cinnamon rolls. Rhodes rocks.

debsters said...

I enjoy this weekend immensely also. I love the M&m's idea, who won't listen a little closer if you get a little chocolate to go with it.

miss-mattie said...

That site is so cool. I'm going to get my mom to print them out. I'll have a good weekend. I hope I have a good spring break to. Have a good weekend and spring break.
Bye bye.

miss-mattie said...

The conference was good today.
Bye bye.