Monday, April 14, 2008

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Spring Break!

The Good:
Maddy's Birthday party at the rollerena!
Cameron's senior project-a presentation on engineering and creating his own Rube Goldberg creation, using engineering techniques. Done!


Roxi ripping out her stitches and having to take her back to the vet to stitch her back up. It cost us $173.00 to have her spayed and $120.00 to re-stitch her up and the lovely cone. Dumb dog.


Finally replacing our old kitchen floor.

The floor looks beautiful!

I promised my hubby I wouldn't post his latest misadventure. Let's just say we were both frustrated. The following is the dialogue that was said on Saturday night.

hubby: "This has not been a good week for me. I've blown it on two projects I've taken on."

me: "Uh, it's been more than two."

hubby: "Thanks for being such a supportive wife."


Hubby: "I guess it could be worse."

me: "Yeah, my first... no my forth, no fifth thought, was at least nobody died."

hubby: "You sure know how to make me feel better. I can't wait to go back to work."


Heather said...

Home projects always bring out the best in us!

miss-mattie said...

The floor looks really nice. Rollerskating looked fun.
Bye bye.

debsters said...

The good was a blast!!
The bad? The cone should take care of that one.
The ugly? Sorry about the home improvement misfortunes.
Here's hoping this next week will be full of good, better and best.

Mick, Jodi & Boys said...

Rollerina looks like fun! And I noticed Roxy's cone the other day when I drove by. I had to ask McKenna about it Sunday. And you re-doing your floor...that explains your fridge I saw in your dining room. (I told you I look at your house when I drive by - I'm going to miss you guys)! ;)

Deborama said...

thats funny! I was thinking this might be the summer we finish the fence. We started it when Avery was 1 and we needed it then. She is going to be 4 this summer! She can run and jump right over it now! :( Marinda loved the party! Thanks for taking her.

terramisu said...

love the floor! I would have been mad at the dog too! Sounds like you had a fun party!Are ya' getting excited to build? I'm excited for ya'll!