Tuesday, April 29, 2008


This past weekend Tom took Maddy and Kenna on an overnight camping/working trip to Teancum timbers. Unfortunately, I forgot to send a camera with them, so I don't have pictures. They said they had a good time. It was pretty cold that night but Luckily, the furnace didn't run out of gas until five a.m. Cam had to work Friday night, so he decided to drive up on his own Saturday morning with a friend. After he helped his friend with his paper route, they headed up thinking they knew where they were going. They left after seven, and I got a call about an hour later.
"Mom, if I hit Pomeroy, have I gone too far?"
"Yes! Turn around. Cam, I've never been there before, you have. I don't know where it is!" Have you tried to call your Dad?"
"Yes, there's no cell service there."
They drove around for THREE hours before he remembered the turn off at Dayton. He showed up just in time to eat lunch and drive home. I am sure I did silly things like that at eighteen that I am not willing to admit to now.

Last night at FHE, I gave a lesson on gratitude. We sang count your many blessings and I had the kids write down all their blessings. I was busily writing; 1. family 2. church 3. health....When I see Courtney lean over to Cameron and ask
"Psst. What did you get for number 4?"
"Scriptures," He responded. "What did you get for number 6?"
I think next weeks lesson will be on cheating.


miss-mattie said...

That is a funny FHE. That is a good idea to do next week on cheating. I love your new background. How was the camping?
Bye bye.

terramisu said...

That made me laugh! At least they were getting along during FHE. Our kids try to "outdo" each other and it always ends up in a big fight! Kids! I LOVE 'em!

debsters said...

Counting blessings us a topic I've seen a lot lately. I appreciate the reminder, I'm going to consider mine. Cheating at FHE? Isn't that twice as bad.

Marilyn said...

That was funny about the cheating. Thanks for making me smile this morning!

Jan said...

Funny funny stuff. That call must have cracked you up. How much did it cost them in gas to finally get there? Love the FHE lesson. That cheating thing is so tempting in situations like that one. So funny. Love the new look in here by the way. Why didn't you come in and rescue me at the Pita Pit? I could of used a brother or sister about that time. At least you got your food. Turkey.

Deborama said...

Poor Cameron, when are you going to do the "its hard to post being bishops wife" post followed by the "not the bishops wife ones" ;)