Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What did I buy today?

These are some things I may have "bought" today:
A slab of concrete for this bridge?
A repair of this pothole?
Or, perhaps, this gold toilet for my hard working representative?

My purse is lighter today:(

What did you buy?


Heather said...

Oh tax day, yuck. I'm sure you bought all that and more.

terramisu said...

Don't like taxes- but it sure is "nice" of the government to save all that $ for us- and then give it to us it one nice lump sum! (Well- sometimes it really is great!)

debsters said...

Nobody and I mean NOBODY needs a golden toilet.

Jodi said...

Gold toilet?? Interesting. Do you think anyone really uses it??

Jan said...

Deb is wrong. I sat on a gold toilet in Lake Tahoe and I need one. A royal throne is where its at. You can use mine Deb when I get one. I have not bought anything Terri. But I have a list of things that I wish I could.

Deborama said...

I hate money, why can't we all just live on love!