Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I have fond memories of April Fool's day, my mom took great pleasure in pulling a prank on my sister and I. We've had our beds short sheeted and eaten very interesting, barely edible creations. Sweet hubby took it upon himself to "prank" the little girls.

Good Morning Maddy! Doesn't she look happy?
Mckenna doesn't know how to not smile....ever!
One member of our family got the biggest surprise of all today. She was given lots of love and attention, a fun car ride with dad, given to complete strangers, who knocked her out and messed with her girl parts. Our dog Roxie was "altered" yesterday. What a cruel April Fool's joke on her.

Twelve years ago, was the prank to beat all pranks. I was pregnant with our third child, a baby girl who was supposed to join our family on March twenty-first. That day came and went, as did several more. My doctor went out of town, and I had convinced myself that I was never going to have this baby. I went in for a check when the doctor on call decided I needed a stress test. The test put me into labor. I was so sure I was not having a baby, ever, I was not ready. I begged the doctor to let me go home and mop my floor. He refused. This was on the morning of April first. The nurses and doctor all predicted she would be an April fool's baby. She fooled us all and was born shortly after midnight on April second.
Her Grandma told me (jokingly), "This baby better be a red head or we'll have to send her back."
She is a very unique girl. Not typical by any means. She is not a girly girl. She doesn't like pink or lace or anything in her hair. She is a simple girl.

Two years ago for spring break and her birthday we took her to Wolf Haven outside of Olympia, she was in heaven. She would love to live with them.
This is Maddy with our version of a wolf, Roxie. Maddy is the reason we have her. Every night for eight years, she would ask, "Is tomorrow the day I get a dog?"

I Love You Maddy!

Happy Birthday!


Jan said...

That is so cruel and wonderful. I love their non expressional faces of sure distain. Is that a word? Anyways I love it. Happy Birthday sweet Maddy. Your anything but plain. Your awesome.

terramisu said...

Happy Birthday Maddy! Can't wait to be neighbors! Carli and you will get along well! She's not into "girly" too.

I am so lame! I didn't get the April Fools Joke Tom played on the girls- but I bet it was funny!

miss-mattie said...

Happy birthday Maddy. Looks like they had a hard time getting out.
Bye bye.

debsters said...

After 8 years I'm glad she got her wish.
Hope you had a great day yesterday Matty and that the chocolate peanut butter cake was all you dreamed of.

Mick, Jodi & Boys said...

April Fool's day at your house looks like a lot of fun! And I totally know what you mean about McKenna not being able to NOT smile! :) Happy Birthday Maddy - enjoy YW! I can't believe she's 12!!